Australia's Pearl Industry Struggles to Shine

Australia is the last place on earth where pearls are cultured in wild oysters. But South Sea pearl farmers are struggling to keep their luxury industry alive, ...


Pick of the Best Black Pearl Jewellery: YOKO London, Alessio Boschi and Autore

With only one natural black pearl found in every 15000 oysters, black pearls are hard to come by. Maria Doulton has had her eyes peeled for black, or Tahitian, ...


Pearl jewellery: Australian South Sea Pearls

White Australian South Sea pearls, black Tahitian pearls and golden pearls. Select from our jewellery range or have the perfect piece custom-made. Visit our ...


The Australian Pearl Jewellery Design Competition - Myrtle

Behind the scenes for the creation of the winning piece.


Australian Opals and Pearls - Cosmopolitan Jewellers Sydney

Internationally renowned Opal and Pearl Jewellery store, specialising in Australian Opals, South Sea Pearls and Pink diamonds. Established in 1992 ...


Australian Opal Cutters, bracelet with pearls (20946784)

'Australian Opal Cutters for all your peals and opals' There are in total two types of pearls, the salt water pearl and the pure pearl. The salt water pearl consist of ...


Pearl Bracelets in Sterling Silver

Julleen Pearl Jewellery Perth Australia - created at


Toscow Crystal and Pearl Jewellery


Buy Online Pure Gold Pearls Jewelry in Australia

Shop online for the attractive & Pure Gold jewelries in Australia at the best price from Enhance your outlook with our exquisite ...


Buyers Guide To Pearls

Our jewellery expert provides you with useful information for when you're buying pearl jewellery such as pearl necklaces, pearl earrings and pearl rings.


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