Australia's Pearl Industry Struggles to Shine

Australia is the last place on earth where pearls are cultured in wild oysters. But South Sea pearl farmers are struggling to keep their luxury industry alive, ...


The Australian Pearl Jewellery Design Competition - Myrtle

Behind the scenes for the creation of the winning piece.


Margot McKinney’s bounty of baroque pearls

Find out what happened when Australia's premier jeweller Margot McKinney bought a whole harvest - a whopping 85000 - of baroque pearls. Shop the video ...


Lx Jewellery Store - Australian Designer Jewelry - Earrings Necklace Bracelets Gemstones Pearls

Lx Jewellery in Australia. Its our aim to make buying jewellery as per your desire as easy as possible without leaving your home. You can check our store at ...


South Sea Pearls - Learn from our Expert

Our expert David Norman is sharing his knowledge on south sea pearls. As a fifth generation pearl dealer he's spent his whole life in the pearl business. Learn ...


Pearl Kit Opening!

THIS IS A JOKE CALM THE FUCK DOWN OMFG THIS WAS HORRIBLE. I hope you enjoyed watching me mutilate a dead oyster, clam, whatever the heck it is.


Pick of the Best Black Pearl Jewellery: YOKO London, Alessio Boschi and Autore

With only one natural black pearl found in every 15000 oysters, black pearls are hard to come by. Maria Doulton has had her eyes peeled for black, or Tahitian, ...


Mystery bracelet | Pica LéLa pearl bracelet Australia

Purchase on Pica LéLa MLW-5708-CZ Combining creative design with traditional pearl, Pica Léla presents to ...


Pearls Australia | Buy Pearls | Tahitian Black Pearls - Pearls de Tahiti is a company based in Sydney, Australia, which offers unique jewellery made from genuine Tahitian Pearls ...


Natural Pearl Pendant from Australia in Silver

Natural Pearl Pendant from Australia in Silver All Natural Pearl of 1.95 carats set in silver pendant with X Ray Radiography Report and Certificate. You can get ...


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