How to take off Festival Wristband with Metal Strap [4K]

Http:// - We show you how to take off a Wristband without a Scissor to have a nicer Memory after. Its not that easy or hard as you see, but at least two ...


How to "Remove" your Seiko Watch Band the Easy Way

Step-by-step video on how to "Remove" your Seiko watch band the easy way.


How to Change a Metal Watch Band with End Pieces

Learn more about changing watch bands here: ...


How to remove concert/convention/festival wristbands with metal clips

CLICK SHOW MORE// this is what I do when I want to take off those fabric bracelets with metallic clips some places (like festivals and conventions) use as tickets, ...


EEVblog #768 - Cordless Anti-Static Wristbands BUSTED!

Dave debunks cordless anti-static wristbands you can buy on ebay for $1. Do they do anything at all? Controlled quantitative static voltage measurements with a ...


How to Resize / Adjust a Watch Band

Learn how to adjust a metal / silver / gold watch band or how to resize a watch. Need to make that watch band a little smaller? This video shows two ways to do ...


Sublimating Neoprene Wristbands Using a Jig (Metal) -

Using a George Knight® DK20S heat press, Conde Systems Brittany Anderson shows how to add images to our DyeTrans wrist bands using a jig. Contact ...


GARMIN FORERUNNER 220, 230, 235, 620, 630, 735 HRM Replacement Wristbands Wrist Straps

Recently, a part of my wristband of the Garmin Forerunner 235 HRM broke. I was looking to buy a new, original replacement wristband but found out that they're ...


JH Wristband – Premium Source for Finding Metal Cuff Wristbands

Whether you are looking for something to offset your latest watch acquisition or pair with new selvedge, metal cuff wristbands are a good option. There are plenty ...


Samsung Gear S3 Classic & Frontier: Metal or Ceramic Bands You Decide!

You all have been asking for metal bands well here they are. But this video has metal and ceramic. Which one will you choose? Ceramic has high scratch ...


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