Medic Alert

Ottawa Paramedics Dina O'Hara and Francis Brunet dropped by CTV Morning Live to discuss the importance of wearing a Medic Alert bracelet, especially for ...


MedicAlert® -- It's so much more than a bracelet

Canadian MedicAlert Foundation is the largest membership-based registered charity in Canada and has been the provider of emergency medical information ...


Medical Alert ID Bracelets

Today I am here to tell you about medibrand medical alert bracelets which can be found on and Fever Mates which can be found ...


MedicAlert Training Video for EMTs

Learn how MedicAlert IDs can be life-saving during an emergency situation. MedicAlert provides vital information that first responders can use to ensure they are ...


MedicAlert Allergy Protection Clinic

visit for more info -- The number of Canadians with allergies has increased considerably in the last 20 years, now affecting nearly 1/3 of the ...


MedicAlert® -- Saving Lives

MedicAlert® Foundation Canada is the only non-profit, registered charity providing a lifesaving identification system for individuals living with medical conditions, ...


Glow in the Dark Medical ID Bracelet

We're putting the fun back in functional with this awesome new glow in the dark option for a medical ID bracelet! Our new Silicone Flex Medic Alert bracelet now ...


Medic Alert - Commercial


Star Impression - Cufflinks, Canadian Souvenirs

starimpression is a Canadian based company that offers the largest selection of contemporary jewelry. We carry cufflinks, Canadian souvenir cufflinks and pins, ...


Medic Alert - Edelman Report

In this edition of the Edelman Report, Dr. Edelman discusses the benefits of advertising your diabetes.


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