Medic Alert

Ottawa Paramedics Dina O'Hara and Francis Brunet dropped by CTV Morning Live to discuss the importance of wearing a Medic Alert bracelet, especially for ...


Medical Alert Jewelry For Men's & Women's at

Fashionable medical ID bracelets & medical identification jewelry for men's and women's at They provide a wide range of options for ...


Erika's Medic Alert Promo

Erika does a promo spot for medic alert bracelet.


Medic Alert Connect Protect - Autism Awareness

Vancouver Police and MedicAlert Foundation Canada, with funding from the Vancouver Police Foundation, have launched a new service to ensure people living ...


MedicAlert membership matters

Genuine MedicAlert® membership matters. For so many people living with medical conditions it allows them to live a safer, more carefree lifestyle. Watch our ...


MedicAlert AK Autism Bands-Available Now!

MedicAlert's AK Autism Bands are now on sale from our website There are 3 different bands, suitable for different age groups. All 3 can ...


MedicAlert® -- Saving Lives

MedicAlert® Foundation Canada is the only non-profit, registered charity providing a lifesaving identification system for individuals living with medical conditions, ...


Robs medic alert

Should you be wearing a medic alert bracelet? Check with you healthcare provider to see if you should.


medical alert necklace


Dr. Martin Kabat, MedicAlert Canada reacts to the budget

Dr. Martin Kabat, MedicAlert Canada reacts to the budget in Ottawa.


2018-06-23 07:53:10