Medic Alert

Ottawa Paramedics Dina O'Hara and Francis Brunet dropped by CTV Morning Live to discuss the importance of wearing a Medic Alert bracelet, especially for ...


MedicAlert® -- It's so much more than a bracelet

Canadian MedicAlert Foundation is the largest membership-based registered charity in Canada and has been the provider of emergency medical information ...


Dystonia Medic Alert


MedicAlert Training Video for EMTs

Learn how MedicAlert IDs can be life-saving during an emergency situation. MedicAlert provides vital information that first responders can use to ensure they are ...


MedicAlert AK Autism Bands-Available Now!

MedicAlert's AK Autism Bands are now on sale from our website There are 3 different bands, suitable for different age groups. All 3 can ...


Lucy Dodd - MedicAlert Member

Lucy is a member of MedicAlert. Here she tells us about her medical condition and how she came to be a member of MedicAlert.


Potentially life-saving MedicAlert program in South Hadley

A new pendant can help you locate a loved one with a memory loss disease or autism anywhere in the country.


Jacob Clark - MedicAlert Member

Jacob is a member of MedicAlert. Here he tells us about his medical condition and how he came to be a member of MedicAlert.


Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Review

MORE: Detailed Philips Lifeline home medical alert system review. Watch live test calls and see if it works well for seniors ...


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