What's inside a Lokai Bracelet?

Is there REALLY water and mud in the Lokai Bracelet?? We CUT OPEN 5 Lokai Bracelets to find out for ourselves! We were SHOCKED at the results!


Cutting open a Lokai Bracelet and you'll never guess what's inside!

Cutting open a Lokai Bracelet and you'll never guess what's inside! lokai bracelets, lokai bracelet cut open, the lokai bracelet, lokai bracelet price, where...


DIY PRIDE BRACELETS!! | KindaTV ft. Natasha Negovanlis

SUBSCRIBE to KindaTV ▻▻ Happy Pride Month everyone! To help show off her pride, Natasha creates three different rainbow ...


This Bracelet is Actually a Flask

This bracelet is a discrete flask you can wear in plain sight. If you want to buy one, use this link. We'll make some money to support our videos: ...


In your face, Mother Nature—you're no match for this bracelet. Using their emergency preparedness and engineering skills, Wazoo Founders Dustin Hoggard and Nick Blackman ...


Dr. Noah Dean - Power Balance bracelet test TRUTH (official)

Dr. Noah Dean exposes the truth behind the Power Balance "test" in hopes of educating... and to prevent unethical businesses from further profiting.


► Friendship Bracelet Tutorial - Intermediate - Turtles

Pattern Grid: Material: Six Strand Embroidery Floss Setup: 12 22 32 22 13 21 21 1 - Green 2 - White 3 - Dark ...


How to Make a 4 Strand Round Braid Paracord Bracelet with Buckles Tutorial

How to Make a 4 Strand Round Braid with Buckles Tutorial PARACORD PRODUCTS and GEAR used in this video can be found here through my Amazon ...


Distance Bracelets by Galaxy Accessories - 4 COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM!

Buy here: ...


lokai"volver" live at ORF Studio 3

lokai and Anat Stainberg(voice) "riding the turtle" using excerpts of Charles Darwins "journey of the beagle" live at ORF Studio 3 / Kunstradio / EBU Radio.


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