Copper Cuff Bracelet Blanks for Jewelry Making Wholesale 1/2" x 6"

Shop Now at: Copper is out third most popular bracelet blank size and metal that jewelry artisans use. It's long enough to fit most ...


How to Make a Cuff Bracelet with the Beadsmith EZ-Bender Tool - Learn how to quickly and easily create perfectly shaped cuff ...


Spiked with spring bracelets spike cuff bracelets cheap wholesale bargain

Bangle cuffs are a great accessory to any outfit. This spike spring bangle bracelet is a bargain at only $1.00 each. This bangel comes in gold or silver.


Web bracelets cuff bracelets cheap wholesale jewelry bargain


Silver Cuff Bracelet with Rivets

Kevin Potter of Potter USA ( re-creates a bracelet in fine silver. He uses a bracelet former kit with urethane on the Potter USA electric ...


Metal Stamped Love Cuff

Follow this tutorial to create a Metal Stamped Love Cuff using ImpressArt's Aluminum Bracelet Blanks, Metal Stamps, and other tools and supplies you can find at ...


Making a cuff bracelet.

A cuff bracelet I made. The metal used is brass, and the hammers as well as forming stakes are Fretz.


TIKI KIWI - Making a recycled copper cuff bracelet

Using recycled copper flashing, see how I make a gorgeous unisex cuff bracelet.


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