Balance Test Scam. Watch how they fool people with this simple party trick

Australian TV Expose the truth about energy/ Magnetic barcelets. This trick is also used by Companies selling ceramic Quantum Scalar Pendants. They make ...


The Original Copper Heeler Information (Long)

Information on The Original Copper Heeler for arthritis pain relief. Visit our website:


OZ Minerals to expand copper mining

Prominent Hill will expand into an underground mine because copper mining has been excluded from the new federal tax.


Copper Spheres!


Handcrafted Silver Jewelry - Handcrafted silver necklaces - Handmade copper jewelry Beautiful handcrafted silver jewelry always looks stunning to be your precious collection such as handmade copper, handmade ...


Buy Divining Rods - using copper divining rods

Buy Divining Rods - using copper divining rods buy here: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- dowsing or diving ...


Working with Copper Clay

In this video I show you how I created my copper clay jewellery. It's all subtitled and has no sound. For the pieces I used ArtClay Copper Clay. I hope you enjoy it.


The Health Benefits of Copper

The health benefits of copper. Trace mineral involved in proper growth, development and maintenance of bone, connective tissue, brain, heart, red blood cell ...


Conditioning Prometheus Copper and Bronze Clays

Carrie Story, of Clay Revolution, teaches you how to properly condition Prometheus Copper and Bronze clays before making your projects.


Dave Jones Making A Copper Mouse

Metalsmith and artist, Dave Jones, demonstrating the multiple metalforming techniques he uses to create one of his custom copper pieces.


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