Make Bright Message Bracelets for Great Grad Gifts

Check out these neon-bead message bracelets. They make great grad gifts! Created in minutes with letter beads in shiny gold, they pop with bright neon ...


Say It On Your Wrist Metal Stamped Cuff -

To find a list of the tools and materials needed for this tutorial visit -- Wanna learn ...


Secret Message Bracelets at Story Boutique in New York


Bead the message bracelets

Can u read brackets well if u don't know how what the video and u can make your own secret message ! All u have to do is subscribe!


STORY BRACELETS...Spread your message


How to Make a Beaded Elastic Bracelet

In this video we will show you how to make a beaded elastic bracelet. Our first tutorial will show you how to finish you elastic bracelet using a overhand knot and ...


How to Stack on Bracelets!

Whoever says less is more doesn't understand how bracelets work! More is more and in this video I show you how to pile them on using some easy tips and ...


DIY Dog Mom Message Bracelet

Learn how to DIY Dog Mom Message Bracelets! These are a fun and colorful way to wear your love for your dog on your sleeve. What creative messages can ...


Morse Code Bracelets

What would your message say? Morse Code Bracelets with dots and dashes in coded messages.


DIY Shamballa Bracelet! How To Make Macrame Bracelets

DIY shamballa bracelet! In this shamballa bracelet tutorial I show how to make Macrame bracelets. For this DIY bracelet you only need a string and a few beads.


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